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ul. Lipska 3
03-904 Warszawa
Aleksandra Ruszkowska
+48 604 134 727
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  • Complex of school building in Tanzania
  • The team hotel and apartment with the spa
  • Kosbud company office building
  • Med Factory company office building
  • US Uniwersum company office building
  • Hotel Medikus in Kołobrzeg
  • Hotel in Święcice
  • Hotel in Ustroń Morski
  • Hotel in Węgrów
  • O.O Piarists school complex in Warsaw
  • Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Pathology Laboratory PAN in Olsztyn
  • The Housing Cooperative office building
  • New Łowiczanin editor’s office building
  • Rajdoor garage door production facility in Nieporęt
  • New Technology Medical Centre in Puławy
  • Enel-Med. Clinic in Wrocław
  • Warsaw University of Technology Sports Complex
  • O.O. Piarists school complex in Warsaw
  • Private house in Konstancin
  • Private house in Legionowo
  • Private house in Zalesie
  • Enel-Med. Clinic in Katowice
  • Enel-med. Hospital at Wincentego Street in Warsaw
  • Small Urology Clinic in Legionowo
  • Emergency Ward in Giżycko
  • Infant Jesus Hospital in Warsaw
  • Grochowski Hospital
  • St. Sophia Hospital in Warsaw
  • Hospital in Krotoszyn
  • Magodent Hospital
  • Hospital at Niekłańska Street in Warsaw
  • The Surgery Clinic in MSWiA Hospital
  • Polyclinic in Radom
  • Medical Function in The Hotel in Narty
  • Apartament building at Lipska St. in Warsaw
  • Apartament building at Meksykańska St. in Warsaw
  • Apartament building at Malczewskiego St. in Warsaw
  • Private house in Konstancin 2
  • House in Anin 1
  • House in Anin 2
  • House in Ardeny
  • House in Komorowo 1
  • House in Komorowo 2
  • House in Forest
  • House in Łowicz
  • House in Nieporęt
  • House in Great Britain
  • Subdivision in Zapol
  • House in Anin
  • House in Legionowo
  • House in Forest
  • Enel-med. Hospital at St. Wincenty Street in Warsaw
  • Hotel in Węgrów
  • Low office at Filtrowa Street in Warsaw
  • Church in Otwock
  • Eurosport company office building
  • Nowy Łowiczanin company office building
  • Synovate company office building
  • St. Sophia Specialist Hospital in Warsaw
  • Senioral Centre Grotniki