In this stage together with the Investor we analyse functional assumption and main purpose of the investment. Then, we check locational and legal requirement and based on it, we create a map of the risk and show the investor opportunity to avoid it. After that, we propose schedule of the work: obtaining an administrative decision, specialist opinion and permit and we verify the budget. The key point in this stage is to give an answer at the arises question: If is it possible to realize the investment in the defined date and in given budget? Important part of the analysis is the functional inventory of the building based on materials given by the Investor and in-site measurement. As a result we receive simplified layout showing existing condition of the building. This document shows precisely functional problems as mixing communication ways, wrong functional connections but also good solutions that should be preserved.


Consultation with the Investor, conclusions from functional plans prepared in pre-design stage, knowledge and experience of the team of designers create the basis to establish a Masterplan – functional program for the building. Masterplan is a graphical presentation of spatial and functional layout, it shows detailed localization of all functional sections, relations and communication between them. This document approved by the Investor is the base to detailed concept design of architecture and multi-discipline technical project.


Based on approved Masterplan, a detailed project is developed with key principles of medical technology and initial opinions of the experts from health and safety inspection and fire safety control. The concept project contains floors layouts, which shows every room and its usable area. What is more, 3d rendering of the building and animation is provided. Based on this documentation the director of the hospital can gain a funds, provide costs and plan a realization of phases of the investment. This is something like a route map showing the best way to realize the investment quickly and avoiding problems.


In this stage we support investor to get building permit. Application is created once concept design is approved. Project contains legally required technical descriptions, arrangement and opinions. We offer professional assistance in all administrative procedures as for eg. obtaining land development conditions decision.


In this stage our company prepares multiple final projects which includes working plans and specifications, civil engineering, technical engineering as HVAC, electricity, plumbing, medical gases and all other details. In the hospital’s project and other medical designing there is description of detailed medical technology. The final project allows to supervise the building process and to control budget. The documentation contains interior design and every necessary technical case study. The final step is to complete the building in a quick and effective way.