Senior Apartments in Majdan Wiązowna near Warsaw

concept design – march 2015
building permit – august 2015
construction – start in october 2015
usage permission – august 2016


18 terraced houses – each about 90m²


The first Assisted Living settlement in Poland has been built in Majdan, near Warsaw in the neigbourhood of protected area of Masovian Lanscape Park. One-story houses contain single and double barrier-free apartments fully accessible for older or handicapped people.

The master layout has been designed to stimulate development of local social network – fundamental for the quality of everyday life. Houses are not fenced due to enhance neighborly interactions. Each apartment has a small porch and bigger terrace facing the common areas what encourage to spend more time outside and prevent social isolation. The walking path goes around the houses and links common areas such as fountain and picnic place.

Apartments support inhabitants in daily routine even if they are very old or move only using wheelchair. Interiors are equipped with special facilities such as lift kitchen cabinets, integrated bidet toilet seats or even smart carpets to detect fall and summon assistance. Catering and other services like concierge, rehabilitation activities or medical support are provided to tenants all day on request.


dr inż. arch. Michał Grzymała-Kazłowski
mgr inż. arch. Aleksandra Ruszkowska
mgr inż. arch. Maciej Wyszogrodzki
Sylwia Pskit


mgr sztuki Magdalena Wojtycha
mgr. inż. arch. Anna Granacka