Enel-Med clinic in Alto Wilanów building in Warsaw

concept design, building permit and realisation – 2016


usable area – 1 050 m²


Enel-Med clinic in Alto Wilanów building contains small out-patient clinic for children and specialists clinic for adults with diagnostic laboratory. Central reception desk has 3 registration points. Separate entrance leads to children’s clinic. Examination and consultation rooms are designed for surgery-orthopedic, oculist, laryngologist, gynecologist and specimen collection room with EKG and audiometric cabin. Separate dental clinic consists of 4 rooms and small waiting room and technical area.

In addition there are two USG rooms and one RTG laboratory.

Administrative rooms, social facilities and sterilization are located in separate wing.


dr inż. arch. Michał Grzymała-Kazłowski
mgr inż. arch. Aleksandra Ruszkowska
mgr inż. arch. Nina Wróblewska
mgr inż. arch. Magdalena Mitas
mgr inż. arch. Ewa Kowalczyk
inż. arch. Katarzyna Rutkowska